«IDOM» (Ingeniería y Dirección de Obras y Montaje) – Spanish Engineering Company.

Company services include  spheres, such as:

•Advanced Engineering








•City & Territory



The professionals of Infrastructure Business Area assist private companies, public institutions and port authorities in the decision-making process, advising on such issues as investment projects, the planning and design of new infrastructures and/or improvements to operations.

They design and implement measurable, realistic and bankable strategies in order to compete in global markets, through: strategic reflection for industrial enterprises, the restructuring of sectors and policy planning in the field of infrastructure; the financial analysis of investment projects in industrial and infrastructure areas, including the implementation of feasibility analysis, due diligence and structuring projects for public-private collaboration; and the definition of organizations and management models.

Urban transport solutions (BRT/LRT/ TRAMS) are much more than transport systems, they are an integral part of the social and urban development of the city. IDOM combines its expert in-house knowledge and experience (over 640 km, 38 cities, 16 countries) with a full understanding of the context of state-of-the-art systems, carried out to exacting international standards and all national regulations.


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